KYC Policy

Welcome to Betwhale, where your gaming experience is not only thrilling but also safeguarded by our commitment to maintaining a secure and trustworthy platform. This Know Your Customer (KYC) Policy is designed to elucidate our practices regarding identity verification, ensuring a responsible and compliant gaming environment. Your understanding and compliance with the outlined KYC procedures contribute to a safer and more enjoyable experience for everyone.

Identity Verification Process

Account Registration

Upon joining Betwhale, you’ll undergo an account registration process that involves providing accurate and verifiable information. This includes personal details such as your name, address, date of birth, and contact information.

Document Submission

To enhance the security of our platform, we require users to submit identity verification documents. These may include government-issued identification, proof of address, and other documents deemed necessary for KYC purposes.

Age Verification

Ensuring compliance with legal age requirements is fundamental. We use various methods, including date of birth verification, to confirm that users meet the minimum age for participating in online gaming activities.

Purpose of KYC Procedures

Fraud Prevention

KYC procedures are essential for preventing fraudulent activities, including identity theft and account manipulation. By verifying the identity of our users, we mitigate the risk of fraudulent transactions and maintain a secure gaming environment.

Regulatory Compliance

Betwhale is committed to complying with regulatory requirements in the jurisdictions where we operate. KYC procedures help us adhere to anti-money laundering (AML) regulations and other legal obligations.

Responsible Gaming

KYC measures contribute to promoting responsible gaming by ensuring that users are of legal age and can make informed decisions about their participation in online gaming activities.

Types of Information Collected

Personal Information

During the KYC process, we collect personal information provided by users, including names, addresses, and date of birth. This information is used exclusively for identity verification.

Document Details

KYC documents submitted by users, such as identification cards, passports, and utility bills, are collected and stored securely. These documents are crucial for confirming the authenticity of user-provided information.

Biometric Data

In some cases, Betwhale may use biometric data for identity verification, enhancing the accuracy and security of the KYC process.

Confidentiality and Security

Data Encryption

All data transmitted during the KYC process is encrypted using industry-standard protocols. This ensures the confidentiality and integrity of the information shared by users.

Secure Storage

KYC documents and information are stored securely on our servers, with access restricted to authorized personnel only. Stringent security measures are in place to prevent unauthorized access or data breaches.

User Cooperation and Responsibilities

Timely Response

Users are expected to respond promptly to KYC verification requests. Failure to provide the necessary documents or information within a reasonable timeframe may result in account suspension.

Accuracy of Information

It is the responsibility of users to ensure the accuracy of the information provided during the KYC process. Any discrepancies or inaccuracies may lead to account verification challenges.

KYC and Account Verification Results


Upon successful completion of the KYC process, user accounts are verified, and restrictions may be lifted, allowing for a seamless gaming experience.


In cases where the provided information is insufficient or inaccurate, Betwhale reserves the right to reject the KYC verification. Users will be notified of the reasons for rejection and may be provided an opportunity to rectify the discrepancies.

Ongoing Monitoring and Updates

Periodic Review

Betwhale conducts periodic reviews of user accounts to ensure the ongoing accuracy of the provided information and to address any changes in regulatory requirements.

User Updates

Users are encouraged to update their information promptly in case of any changes, such as a change of address or legal name change.

Contact Information for KYC Inquiries

For any questions or concerns related to the KYC process, users can contact our KYC support team at [email protected].

Changes to KYC Policy

Betwhale reserves the right to update or modify the KYC Policy as needed. Users will be notified of any significant changes, and continued use of the platform implies acceptance of the updated policy.


Thank you for your cooperation in ensuring a secure and responsible gaming environment at Betwhale. Our KYC procedures are designed to protect our users and the integrity of our platform.